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On The Shores of Lethe

11th October. Afternoon. 

Individual works by Abigail Norris and Isobel Smith made live and simultaneously in an empty double-fronted shop that may be peeped through the window for a fleeting moment or longer, or missed altogether. United by fur, teeth and claw. And their despair about our messed-up relationship with nature and the natural and the urgent need for humankind to honour the earth and all her inhabitants or feel the wrath of Gaia.Intrigued by how these two works coexist side by side, there is only one sure outcome, alchemy will be at play.

Abigail Norris (current RCA Sculpture student): So Human an Animal A giant hare lays on floor next to a pile of fur pieces. Whilst seeming to comfort the dead looking hare Abigail performs a libation - filling small clay pots with pieces of fur and grains. The offerings are placed on the floor in front of the hare until the space is filled. Hare - mixed media, 9ft musculoskeletal sculpture.
Isobel Smith (RCA Sculpture/Performance 2015-17): Country Hide With head and legs wrapped in sellotape Isobel shaves the armpits of the fur coat she is wearing. Rolling on the ground the fur-clippings stick to the tape. This direct and ridiculous performance ritual makes un-sense of her rational thinking head and allows a wilder, stranger, more powerful feminine creature to come forward. ︎ ︎
Situationist RCA