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Location : 28 Vestry Rd, Camberwell, London SE5 8NX


The turning of land, from one to another.
Crooked, having many bends, not forming a straight line.

How did something bent, come to take on the meaning of something dishonest, - it doesn’t run true?

Crooked, means bent out of shape, something warped, slightly broken and worn, but with the possibility of being twisted back.
The shape of the art world now, it is crooked. Is it dishonest? Are the activities of an art fair crooked?
I like the words used to describe ‘crooked’, out of line, off-centre, askew, awry,
Maybe we need an alternatively crooked art world.

Crook, as a verb, to bend or fold your finger. Small things that can be touched and held,.
To make a crook.

Much time has been spent in parks this year.

Situationist RCA