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Carmo Pinheiro de Melo ︎

Concrete Series



R. José Carvalho Araújo 131A 2750-236 Cascais, Portugal

Weaved Screenprint on fabric.

Live video of a concrete tapestry from the series
'Away with Brutus'. A manifesto againstBrutalism, that
exploresthe concepts of the materiality of
emptiness and the negative space as a potential
field of creation.

The artist explores a telescopic view of the concrete
remains of an old brutalist library, revealing its
interiority – a ludic approach if we take into
consideration that Brutalism is already
characterised by the use of exposed concrete.
Though seemingly solid on the outside, its interior
resembles a mass in mutation or in a process
of dissolution, an image that evokes therejection
this architectonic style suffered. In fact, even
though brutalist public buildings and housing
complexes were designed to better serve the
needs of the working class, this movement was
graduallyscorned. Their mass translates a feeling
of permanencethat contrasts with the way in
which these big linear blocksof repetitive patterns
and stocked floors were demolished or abandoned.

Even though they seem to be hard to destroy or
alter, Carmo Pinheiro de Melo changes the traces
of these spaces, through the digital medium, by
transforming its materiality. Deconstructing
the notions of solidity associated with concrete,
as well as the generalised conception that it is a
poor and oppressive material, the artist questions
its essence by giving it an alternative look
– vibrant, disarmed and harmonious.
In this sense, her work gives body to the emptiness,
that is, to a space that is no longer present and
an object that no longer exists, thus valuing
it. It is then through the negative space that
Carmo Pinheiro de Melo subverts the
characteristics of this material,
destabilising our understanding of it.

Situationist RCA