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Un unlikely thing to sell at Brick Lane Market

11th October.  10 - 5PM

Location : Upmarket indoor market, 91 Brick Ln, Spitalfields, London E1 6QL

I sometimes make inflatable air dancers and was planning to make a huge faceless tampon one that tries to release itself from its applicator. I unwrapped a tampon for reference, which swam around my desk at college accumulating paint splats as I worked around it. I saw my tutor notice it, and enjoyed how that must have looked, because, sitting among a sea of studio detritus, old sweet wrappers and used congealed canteen forks, I already came across unprecious about my studio space.

I am interested in what Frieze Art Fair etc lose by going online; for me this is largely the pomposity of the booth display, the air of sales-anxiety, and visitor expressions - the ‘market-ness’. Given the social and aesethetic differences between art fairs and craft fairs, I had the idea to make more painted tampons and sell them at Brick Lane Market with an optional framing service as part of Situationist Brieze. With a humorous display of the stall itself and my being there trying to flog framed tampons amongst the organic gluten-free brownies, handmade jewellery and artisan perfumes, the ‘art’ for me lies in whether or not people take it seriously/ ‘buy it’.

Situationist RCA