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Dolly Kershaw and Sophie Kemp


16th, 18th, 19th, 20th,
23rd, 25th, 26th, 30th 

12 noon - 6pm

Dulwich Constitutional Club,
33 E Dulwich Grove, East Dulwich,
London SE22 8PW

This is one half of a collaborative project by Dolly Kershaw and Sophie Kemp, who make companion pieces at a distance and reveal them to one another on completion. The project references objects and aesthetics that engage in systems of public control and distancing, using the shonky material language of the model or replica is used to satirise and interrogate these forms. They will be live-streamed to the RCA2020 online platform via Twitch, and were formed specifically for this purpose, in response to anticipated limitations of the platform. The expectation that live-streaming be spectacular is subverted, in that the Signals are that and also unchanging and anti-climactic, referencing the unpredictable, unruly and unannounced nature of sirens and buoys. Situationist viewers and passersby will also be able to watch Dolly's sirens while they are being streamed, through a peep-hole in a front window at the Dulwich Constitutional Club.

Situationist RCA