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Ed Compson


A fish you have already caught

Battersea Park, South of Central Avenue

16th 18:00-21:00
18th, 19th 14:00 - 18:00
23rd 16:00-19:00
25th, 26th 14:00 - 18:00
30th 18:00-21:00

A fish you have already caught is an airbound platform that is attempting to take off during RCA 2020.

The platform is currently made up of 8 box kites etched with the drawings and images sent to Ed during lockdown by fellow students, strangers, tutors, dating app matches and his grandma.

Both you and regular park dwellers are invited to help him launch this network by flying kites with him during the run of the virtual show.

The opening (July 16th) will present the painting department, friends and family a chance to meet and fly kites.

Dates and times: 

Weather Dependant / Dates may change (keep an eye on the sky and Instagram:.

Hand Sanitiser will be provided and social distancing will be observed.

Situationist RCA