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Esyllt Lewis


20 or 21 July (depending on weather)     
5-10 minute durational painting performance, every hour, on the hour, between 10am - 6pm

My childhood home and hills have been my whole world for the last 4 months, the trees are my new friends. I'm looking to find a window through which to communicate with other people in the real world when there is no one around. For one day, a perspex sheet will be set in the landscape, with paint being added / washed off of it every hour on the hour, reflecting the changing light of day, reacting to sounds, colours, trying to be as sight-specific and time-specific as possible. This will be a noticeboard of sorts, drawing attention to each mundane passing hour. A live video of this changing perspex landscape will be broadcast on instagram every hour, with a text diary appearing online too, through the form of a viewable google doc, where the audience's comments will be written alongside my notes, forming a digital noticeboard marking the hours.
Situationist RCA