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Safe House

11th October 12 noon - 5pm

Location : Broomfield Park, Aldermans Hill, Palmers Green, N13

Come and hide from the pandemic and look out of the window to appreciate the view from a Safe House. A haphazardly bandaged house-for-one located in Broomfield Park (London, N13). Seek out this safe space to contemplate these strange and anxious times. If the weather is poor, Safe House will slowly disintegrate around you, dissolving in the rain, an ephemeral installation serving as a metaphor for our pandemic times. Where is safety, if not in your own house?

This installation will be installed in the lovely Broomfield Park, with a view to our now empty city for one afternoon only. Access is Covid secure as only one person can fit into the space at any one time. 

Safe House will hopefully provide occupants with a time for reflection about what the hell is happening.


Situationist RCA