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Jakob Rava and Hellena Hueck

Shoes touching gravel. A laugh. Somewhere - the grating sound of a lighter. Hooded shapes embracing the night. A farewell soon.

For the garden exhibition 'A friend of a friend' Hellena and Jakob bring together fragments of their work to propose a temporary whole.

Hellena’s jewellery objects 'mute flutes’ refer to anecdotes of adolescence and friendship. They are presented on ‘bars’ a sculptural structure provided by Jakob. Between jewellery/gallery display, minimal object and seating furniture the function of the ‘bars' remains indefinite. The song 'A friend of a friend' (written by Hellena and performed by the two) is played on earphones that can be shared by visitors.

Big thanks to Eilis Searson for the gorgeous illustration 

Situationist RCA