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How Do I Apply to Exhibit Here?

10th October 10 - 5PM

Location: Clitterhouse Farm Project, Claremont Road, London 
+ Speakers' Corner Hyde Park, London W2 2EU

How do I apply to exhibit here? taking place at the Clitterhouse Farm Project and Speakers Corner during the cancelled Frieze London 2020 will explore the connotations of any given exhibiting space in the context of the Covid-19 outbreak this year. Questions, which we will attempt to answer in this show include the following. In what ways did the Covid-19 outbreak reinvent your idea of what an exhibiting space is? How did the lockdown reinvent your perception of the cyber world as a place of performance, creation and interaction with other artists? What cyber persona are you trying to create in your art? Where did the hierarchy of the status quo arise from in the art world? Why is one exhibiting space, i.e. universally acknowledged gallery prioritised over another, i.e. a Chinatown garage? Can any space be an exhibiting one potentially, as low down the hierarchy as a recycling bin yard? What associations do you personally have with entering an exhibition? What’s your ideal exhibiting experience? The show will take place in the form of a large-screen projection.

For more information, about the event, visit:  ︎

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