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Saskia Krafft


Ritual For Returning Emotions To The Water

R. Nossa Sra. da Praia
2705-315 Colares

The event will be a temporary installation of drawings and texts created in gouache on paper to be removed again by the ocean.
The artworks that depict memories, emotions, apologies, ideas, and gratefulness will be attached to a megaclast (a 12 ton rock that got deposited at its current location by a tsunami in 1965 or 1975). The giant rock is a limestone in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Portugal in the Praia das Maçãs. The ocean will slowly start to remove the depictions and notes since the gouache pigment is water soluble.

The heavy and intense emotions will be released back into the ocean as a ritual of letting go and welcoming the new and yet unknown. In times of crisis, institutional, personal, and global discomfort and struggle, this piece wants to offer time for active reflection on which things to let go and which to welcome.
Situationist RCA