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Reheating The Soufflé

Sophie Goodchild

Friday 31st July

Grand Union Canal, Turquoise Narrowboat, (right side down from Mitre Bridge, nearest overground Willesden Junction)


“…time freezes, hardening around the body, locking everything into this new centre of gravity. All that can be done is to wait. The future gets further and further away, and the present moment- the one soaked in illness- becomes huge and cruel (…) In revolution, when it’s still young and fervent, time froths around the fact that the time is now. No longer will we do what we’ve done in the past, from today forward,
we will!- and it doesn’t matter what comes next, its function is the same. The promise of change, the zeal for a new tomorrow, the hope for a different future:
these innovate the now, and the new becomes a joyous defiance of fate.”
- Hedva, Johanna


Situationist RCA