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If You Remain Generous (The Three of Coins)

8th - 11th October.  10 - 6PM

Location : 66 Norlington Road London E10 6LA.

Re-imagining a derelict flag pole on the industrial building that houses a creative hub of studios (including my own), 'If You Remain Generous (The Three of Coins)' occupies and re-engages the space of the craftsman’s shop sign with a bright abstract work which sits somewhere between advertising poster and artisan symbol. The design itself re-works part of the structure of the ‘Three of Coins’ tarot card from the Rider-Waite deck, signposting the simultaneously outward-looking ability of skilled makers to re-imagine and re-create a world up-ended, while the first portion of the title, appropriated from John O’Donohue’s poem ‘Time to be Slow’, contextualises the precarious material conditions we occupy. The work will be hung daily during Brieze and visible from the street as a temporary work.
Situationist RCA