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Vivian Ross-Smith   ︎

Broadcasts      16 -31.07.20

Throughout ‘Situationist RCA’, Vivian Ross-Smith will undertake a durational performance which will be broadcast over the Shetland Webcam network. By nature, the webcams rely on anticipation, the selected views are purposefully chosen to increase the chance of an intervention from the wild, be that a puffin flying in shot or flashes of aurora in the winter months. Covid-19 jolted Ross-Smith away from her Masters’ and copy and pasted her back into the sublime island landscape of Shetland. Her practice is now filtered through a screen and streamed over the internet. Ross-Smith will periodically appear on the webcams cocooned in her textile-paintings, which act as a shelter and protective barrier around her body. In an attempt to be present, her physical form will awkwardly occupy this digital public space - sometimes only for a moment, whilst other interventions will become more of a spectacle. Tune in to to try and catch a glimpse.

Situationist RCA