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Perimeter. Ways of Seeing.

9th - 11th October 24/7

Location : Mareel, Lerwick, Shetland ZE1 0WQ

In July 2020, Vivian Ross-Smith commandeered the Shetland Webcam network to make BROADCAST, a performance piece exploring accessibility of the art world, perceptions of place and her identity as an islander. It tackled questions around the presentation of artwork in our current Covid-climate and challenged understandings of both the gallery space and the audience for contemporary art.For ‘PERIMETER: Ways of Seeing’, Vivian will periodically dress in wearable paintings and occupy a glasshouse situated outside the home of Shetland Arts. The glasshouse will show a 24hour stream of the BROADCAST film and will act as a window in as well as a barrier and screen, to contemplate the tensions between absence, presence, and physical and digital forms of connection.

Situationist RCA